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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  December 9, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. folks who live in flood-reason areas are stacking sandbags. high winds will make it more difficult. thanks for joining us. i am kristen sze. >> marin county had a lot of flooding last storms. you can see the mist and fog right now. here is what the cloud cover looks like at the exploritorium looking at san francisco bay. amy hollyfield joins us from berkeley with more on storm preparation. amy? look behind me at this crew. hard at work.
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they are clearing out all the storm drains, not just the leaves and mudd but sending it down into the drain to clear it out. they are trying to get everything done before the storm hits. >> rain is not falling yet. people are already thinking about the storm. tom loaded up the bed of the pickup truck with sandbags for his berkeley home. >> the big storm that will come in, in two days is bigger than the last big one. our drainpipe is broken. our drive fills up with water lick a big swimming pool. acity the berkeley order 1,800 sandbags for residents, a third already are gone. many people are using lessons learned from last week's storm to prepare if this storm. >> we had the big storm the water came under the door. we don't know that would happen and it flooded the bottom the door so we thought this time we would get sand sandbags.
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>> crews are trimming trees or cutting down those that are leaning. the city of berkeley is in charge of 35,000 trees and private companies are call on the rest. tree companies are slammed with requests to dole with trees best storm. even if people race to prepare, they are careful to not sound unappreciative. >> if it is in the garage, it gets in the garage. we need the rain. >> we need rain. it is good. we need the rain. glad it is coming. we don't want our house to flood, of course. >> at the storm drain cleaning up, these two guys do not work in this department but are usually in the construction side. everyone has been put on duty to clean the storm drains before the rain. it is all hands on deck. they are suggesting you do that at your house, too. clean out drapes and -- the drains and the gutters.
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in san francisco, residents and businesses are ready for the heavy rain and high wind. businesses along the flood-reason areas are not taking chances and are moving merchandise off the floors just in case trimming low-hanging branches in preparation. they are asking residents to do their part by cleaning sidewalks and drives. >> in the rains that wash into the storm drain if there is an accumulation of leaves it clogs the drain. if you clog the drain you will have localized flooding. >> the city expects to give out 2,000 sandbags the next few days. >> rain and winds and police departmenting will be dealing with a lot in the bay area. here is meteorologist mike nicco with that and a look at the calm witnesses. >> calm across most of our neighborhoods although we had rain in the north bay. live doppler hd shows what the
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sprinkles and light rain push out at .4" in petaluma and .8" in bodega bay and .09 in it is moist. but the radar will fall in the form of sprinkles. prepare for high surf. that saturdays at 10:00 tonight until 4:00 on friday and waves possible up to 20'. and rip currents on the coast. the winds come at 10:00 tomorrow morning through 10:00 on thursday. 24 hours of 25 to 35 miles per hour sustained wind and even up to 70 along the coast. the higher elevations means flooding from 4:00 thursday through friday morning but for some creeks that will overflow. the significant flooding on the streets and parking lots will happen at 4:00 in the morning through at least 4:00 in the
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evening. that is what will happen. watch me. get prepared. when the warnings come out on thursday you will know how to act. the highway patrol offers this advise: avoid driving outside lane of the freeway because that is where the water collects. never drive if standing water. you just don't foe how deep it is. you saw some stranded cars. replace the windshield wipers now. when the wipers are on the headlights should be on, too. remember, you can track the weather where you live any time with our weather app which is free on the app store or google play with more information on police brow facility protesters try to stop the berkeley city council meeting after the biggest demonstration last night. eric thomas is in the newsroom with the latest. the protesters plan to crash
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the city council meeting, they plan to call for new city leadership because of the police response to demonstrations over the weekend. >> sky 7 shows the crowd last night was much bigger than previous protests. up to 1,500 people took part crowding into the city streets and blocked traffic. a few managed to get on to interstate 80 and block freeway traffic. the result? massive backups on the business of the artery of the bay area. police chased demonstrators off the interstate. they pushed their way back on. a woman want into labor in the backup. an ambulance met the car and took her to the hospital. we waiting for word on her condition and the baby. other demonstrators blocked the tracks stopping amtrak trains. 150 people were arrested in total but unlike sunday when people in the crowd chattered windows and caused other property damage, last night's
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protest was peaceful with a more political edge, planning to take over berkeley city hall and demand the mayor step down a move that is unlikely. >> they want the police chief to step down, which is quite unlikely. there a message that both protesters and city officials can agree was a welcome change: no shattered windows. no person seeking hospital treatment for injuries. abc is devoting a full week of programing to report on race and justice in america. watch for coverage on "good morning america" and "world news tonight," and "nightline." tonight stephanopolis will moderate a townhall meeting on facebook. a scathing report accuses the c.i.a. of torturing al-qaeda prisoners beyond legal boundaries. california senator feinstein says it is important to release
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this to expose abuse and show the united states is big enough to admit when it is wrong. we are in washington, dc, with the details on the report. >> physical assault, death threats and humiliating sexual abuse. this is what the senate intelligence intelligence lays out in the so-called torture report, a sweeping damning indictment of techniques used creately by c.i.a. after lend. >> history will judge us by a commitment to a just society and the willingness to face an ugly truth and say "never again." the report, five years in the works, will set 20 specific cases written after reviewing six million payments of internal c.i.a. records. the committee's conclusion is that the enhanced interrogation techniques were not effective and no information was gained that could not have been learned through other means. it began with the c.i.a.'s first
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detainee, al-qaeda operative who was subjected to approved waterboarding, seep here in her- seen here. another detainee in 2002 was chained to a concrete farther partly naked and later died from suspected hypothermia. >> former c.i.a. officials and members of the bush administration and some senate republicans dispute the committee's finding and pushed to keep the report from going public. president obama, who banned many of the techniques, said transparency is key to moving forward. >> embassies and consulates around the world are on high alert because of concerns of violent reaction to the report could put american lives at risk. if you would like to read the senate's full report or the c.i.a. response we have it posted on our website at >> thieves made twice a cash
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grab in an attempt to steal an a.t.m. just ahead. president obama may have a new side job, the funny appearance on the colbert report. send us pictures and video of the weather when the storm moves in. you can e-mail it to us at you can pest them on our facebook page or share them with us open twitter,
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two men in washington state made off with an entire a.t.m. this surveillance video from the market near seattle shows a thief casing the store and a pickup truck rams through the front door. the map ties the rope around the a.t.m. beaumonted to -- bolted o the floor. police found the truck, not the suspects, and they pulled it off in seven minutes. >> president obama shows off his funny side, the comic in chief if you will appeared on colbert report. >> now the republicans control both the house of representatives and the senate, they could pass a bill repealing obamacare but the president still has the video. if i know that give he is willing to use it. >> time is going fast. why didn't you fix the economy before the midterm election? >> i would have done it before the election so people were
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happy when they voted. the president delivered a decree if place of the "word" segment and openly made fun of himself and poked fund of the difficult launch of obamacare, the third appearance on the show. the craft that could send humans into space safely returned to earth if san diego. nasa called the mission which carried orion 3,600 miles above earth a great success. the next unmanned launch is in four years. crews are seven years away. >> special delivery, a mother flying out of san francisco landed with something she did not expect. woman had her baby mid--flight this morning on a southwest flight headed for phoenix. the pilot diverted to l.a.x. and a doctor and nurse were both on
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board and helped with the midair delivery. medics met the plane in los angeles and mom and baby are okay. you start with a certain number of passengers on the manifest and you come out with more. one more person. but no charge for the baby. >> no charge. >> no charge. >> meteorologist mike nicco ahead with what to expect to see, a potentially devastating form in the bay area. >> dozens of donkeys invade a california neighborhood and they could be difficult to get rid. >> the royal company will wrap up the busy, busy vacation coming
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covering daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. residents in a southern california neighborhood reported a rare sight: dozens of donkeys. construction has forced hundreds of donkeys into the neighborhood from the rural canyon. some residents are happy to see them. others say they are a nuisance. right now the wild animals could be there to stay. the california department of fish and wildlife says it against the law to kill, relocation, or feed them. we don't know what to prepare for. it is a mixed weather bag. it started with a beautiful sunrise. this is a time-lapse of the view from our east bay hills camera. we will not see another sunrise like this for a few difficulties. meteorologist mike nicco is outside now with more on the big
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storm headed our way. good morning in the top of the news broadcast center. you have to be at 1,900' to see the sunrise or on twitter. we have been talking about the storm for weeks. it is still not here and we still have 36 hours to go before it unleashes its fury on us starting in the north bay. however, we have been priming the atmosphere with moisture. check out the fog, it is out there, and visibility down to a mile in fairfield and 2 1/2 in concord and two in santa rosa. it will be hazy all day today and gray. you can see the fog hanging around 101 if san rafael and expect it to get thicker tone. same in walnut creek where it has let up southbound along 680 toward the 24 junction. expect here to get another batch of fog tonight and we do have hour flight arrival delays is what they are acknowledging at sfo because of the low ceiling. grave with sprinkles today and tomorrow and patchy drizzle and fog the next two nights and the
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heavy rain and gusty wind and large surf rolls in on thursday. here is a look at what is happening, the first front to the north because it is taking a left hand turn and moving more north it has slowed the whole progression around than the front behind it which is more powerful. the waves of energy you see the red dashed lines hookup with the front and give it the extra energy and moisture needed to create such fury. warm air ahead of the cold air that starts tomorrow after 5:00 sunset and will go through 7:00 on thursday morning when the front comes in. you will get so much more rain in the north bay than the rest of us. the red is moving into the heart of the bay during lunch when the flooding and winds are the fastest and through the evening rush hour, down into the south bay and then scattered showers for the evening hours which will taper during the overnight hours. up to 8" of rain in the north bay and at at least some local spots could get 10-11" in the
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coastal mountains. a possibility of oakland and san francisco getting in the upper 3-inch rain. urban flooding, streets, parking lots, that is a big area of high risk with dangerous surf and wind damage we will have minor creek flooding and rock slides. if you get to the sierra before 6:00 tomorrow or wait until saturday, that is the best bet up 20" before 6,000' so the passes are going to be snow packed and 3' at the peaks. the seven-day forecast shows today is the warmest day mid-to-upper 60's and only mid-to-upper 50's on friday and a break on saturday and sunday and more rain on monday. the real deal is coming in showers and heavy rain and thunderstorms and flooding with winds causing damage on thursday. a reminder that you will find storm tips at
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under "prepare nor cal," with a safety checklist. there is a list of supplies you will need such as blankets and batteries if there is a power outage. do not for get to charge your cell phone. the duke and duchess are on day three of the trip to the east coast. this morning, they were caught in the rain. in new york city they spend the morning paying their respects at the million to the terrorist attacks on 9/11. they will visit the empire state building. a few moment yesterday when young children confused kate for a different princess during a visit to a childhood development center in harlem. >> they think you are from "frozen." >> the royal company caused a stir last night at the brooklyn and nets game. they will wrap up the trip
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tonight at the metropolitan museum of art for the university of st. anne drew with tickets running up to $100,000 a table. >> does what affirm elsa status or kate status?
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>> coming up at 4:00, a star's emotional post-game interview after a young friend loses her battle with cancer. and at 5:00, is there any way you can prevent your package from showing you like this? "7 on your side" and "consumer reports" team up with holiday shopping tips. please join us starting at 4:00. there is reaction over a candy crush controversy in british parliament. look at this picture of nigel mills. remember this picture? this was published on the web site and the member of parliament spent 2 1/2 hours playing the popular game during a recent committee meeting. what can they have been talking about that was so boring? he said he was paying attention to the meeting and said he will try not to do it again. he has apologized for his actions, though. >> an investigation is underway into who took the picture
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because photography is banned inside committee meeting. >> multiple people are breaking the rules. >> my goodness. >> come and enjoy the christmas light show and leave canned goods is what a family is asking of the public this holiday season. they have deck out their house with hundreds of lights set to the music of dueling "jingle bells," and hope visitors will drop off nonperishable food to help the pacifica resource center. >> lovely idea. they will have thousands of visitors a great way to accept donated goods. >> thanks now joining us. >> have a great day.
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[dramatic music] ♪ >> yeah! hey! [cheers and applause] i'm terry crews, and i've got a whole lot of cash to give away today here on millionaire. [cheers and applause] our first contestant has a few dance moves up his sleeve. not only has he perfected the two-step, but he's only 14 steps away from winning $1 million. from durham, north carolina, please welcome mark ambrose! [cheers and applause] hey. how are you, sir? how you doing? come on in here. now, i hear you are an environmentalist who has a mean two-step. >> well, two-stepping


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